Recent announcements are:

A. General Announcements:

  1. AGM 2018 at 7pm on the 9th May 2018 at St Bonifatius Church, Puttick road
  2. Updated Committee Meeting Minutes.
  3. Please be advised that SRA debit orders or invoices for November will include the R210,90 for the Annual Licence Fee.
  4. Crime Stats 1996 - 2017
  5. SRA 2017 AGM Minutes
  6. SRA Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 10th May 2017, 19:00 St Bonifiatus Church. Click here for AGM 2017 documents and info
  7. Halloween Fun Event for Sundowner Kids: From 16:00 - 19:00 on 29 October 2016. The Park on Aries side. Set up a table and bring enough treats for all the kids! Dress up! It's going to be fun!
  8. SRA Increased Monthly Contributions - effective 1 July 2016
  9. Letter by Anne Koppenaal. Dissatisfaction re Boom Guards and Opening of Boom Gates.
  10. City of Johannesburg Security Access Restrictions. For permitting access restrictions and road closures to create security controlled areas in residential neighbourhoods and business areas in accordance with the Gauteng Rationalisation of Local Government Affairs Act No. 10, 1998, Chapter 7
  11. End of Pikitup Strike. See: Joint Statement and MMC Statement
  12. How To Test Your Alarm System - Londoloza
  13. 5 Feb. 2016. Message from the SRA Chairman, Mark Klinkert
  14. Load Shedding Schedule.
  15. What is the SRA doing for its members?
  16. Londoloza Key Holder Information
  17. Safety Hints for Domestic Workers - SAPS
  18. Illegal Advertising Boards - Honeydew Community Police Forum
  19. Statement on official Fireworks policy of City of Johannesburg
  20. Advertising on the web site by members of the Sundowner Residents' Association. Members are welcome to submit their business details to the committee. Placements of advertisements will be subject to approval by the committee. More details here.

B. SRA Newsletters / Communiques:

C. The Sundowner Park Remediation Programme:

  1. Letter to Residents regarding Sundowner Park by Martin Tinneveld. "Sundowner Park – tier 4 park – Parks and Zoo Department – Tax payer money"
  2. Just to bring the following to the attention of Sundowner Residents that during the week of 04 January – 10 January 2016, the popplers will be removed in Sundowner Park in the vicinity of the new overflow.   A generous resident will undertake and organise the poppler removal project. This will be part of the remediation project which is taking place at the Sundowner Park by Eva Tinnefeld and her son Martin
  3. 2015-11-26 Sundowner Park Project to be launched
  4. Update on Sundowner Park AGM presentation Martin Tinnefeld. 2015-06-18
  5. The Sundowner Park Remediation Programme. Presentation at the AGM Wednesday, 6th May 2015
  6. Sundowner Park Remediation Programme. 8 March 2015


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